As a parent, what do I need to do first?

1.       Complete the scout application and return to Parent Unit Coordinator to obtain signatures, distribute copies to Advancement Chair and Scoutmaster, and submit to Council. 

a.       From this application Membership Chair will update the Troop communication site at  Place this address in your “safe-senders” list.  When replying to emails, please note – it will go to EVERYONE.  To send a message back to only the sender hit “reply to sender”.  Make sure you supply an email address where you don’t mind getting frequent notifications.  Yahoo groups is not for solicitations.

b.      Membership Chair will update the roster with your name/address/phone and email address.  This is for troop internal use only.

2.       Notify your Pack Master of your troop choice, for crossover preparation.

3.       Notify the Membership Chair of your crossover date so that Troop 64 can attend.

4.       Complete the Troop Resource Survey and return to Parent Unit Coordinator.  This will be given to the Committee Chair and Merit Badge Coordinator.

5.       Schedule a doctor’s appointment for a scout physical.  Have medical forms A, B and C completed and return to Parent Unit Coordinator or Membership Chair.  This will be copied to Camp/Trip Coordinator and Membership Chair.

6.       If as a parent, you expect to chaperone trips, please ask for and complete an Adult Application.

a.       Then also, have a physical exam completing sections A, B and C.

7.       If you as a parent expect to work with the scouts at meetings, as a merit badge counselor or accompany the scouts on trips, you must complete an application and complete Youth Protection Training (YPT). 

a.  – it takes ten minutes.  When complete – print out the certificate (they don’t keep it electronically!) and give certificate to Parent Unit Coordinator or Membership Chair who will copy Training Coordinator, Recharter Representative and Merit Badge Coordinator.

8.       Review the activities calendar with your scout and decide which trips you want to attend.  Sign up in the activities/events binder at the scout meeting. 

9.       Visit the council scout store and purchase the scout Class A shirt and patches for weekly meetings.  The store clerks will know exactly what you need.  A neckerchief and scout book are given to the scout at the crossover.  Buy your shirt (short sleeve usually) – big.  Your son is growing and these shirts last forever. 

10.   Registration fees have not been collected in many years.  Our fundraising (auto show, wreaths and glow sticks) have supported us without the need to collect from the parents annually.  Please participate.

11.   Read the Troop 64 Handbook.

12.   IF you have financial difficulties and it is going to impede your son’s ability to attend trips, please see the Treasurer and Scoutmaster ONLY.  They will arrange to work with you so that your son’s experience is fulfilled.  No one else needs to have this information – ever.

13.   Consider yourself a member of the Troop Committee.  You are welcome to attend committee meetings and help us plan your son’s scouting adventure.  Your involvement in the troop will encourage your son’s participation and completion of his Road to Eagle.

14.   Maintain records of his various community involvements.  When completing college applications, it is not just scouting that is on that resume, but the multitude of charitable activities he was a part of.  Acceptance into college is not just grades, but the ability to manage all areas of his life; sports, school groups, church, and organizations such as BSA. 

Welcome to the Troop 64 family – your scout and your family are going to have a great time!